How do I tell that I am a WOMB TWIN SURVIVOR?

Why is this important? Some of us may have done therapy for whatever personal issues we have but don't seem to move forward regardless of the efforts we put in. This could be because we still have some trauma lying even further back than what we can remember. In the womb, we already start sensing and learning and thus, any experience whether good or bad, may affect our development.
Do any of the following resonate with you? Then contact me on so that I can help you discover your story. (There are more symptoms than the ones listed below)


I have a tendency for depression

I have a tendency for anxiety

I often feel lonely and not understood

I'm the black sheep of the family and different from everyone else

I've worked on other traumas but I can't seem to move forward enough

It's as if things aren't quite as they should be

Something/someone is missing and I don't feel whole

I feel invisible

I don't feel like I have the right to be here

I'm paranoid and get easily stressed or overstimulated

I have or am thinking about hurting myself

I have or am thinking about suicide

I don't really feel alive or that I have the right to be alive

I tend to sabotage my own success

I'm hypersensitiv


I've always had issues with my weight

I haven't been given a specific diagnosis

I've tried all sorts of diets

I've always done yoyo-dieting

It's as if the food is controlling me

I can't seem to control my desire for food

I struggle leaving leftovers

Either I eat a lot or nothing at all

I forceeat/overeat/have bulimia/anorexia

My eating habbits are very different from my family/friends

I have issues following a certain diet (low carb, low fat, vegan, etc.)


I run into the same problems in relationships over and over again

I attract a certain type that isn't good for me

I have intimacy issues

I'm often in conflict with other people

I'm often in conflict with myself

I can't really figure out who I am

I'm in either love or hate relationships with my entourage

I struggle balancing the masculine and feminine in my life

I don't feel entitled to be a man/woman

I feel like I should have been born a different gender

I feel like I am in the wrong body


I have some unexplainable physical symptoms

I have some unexplainable psychological symptoms


My whole life something has been wrong

I feel like I try to move forward in my life but I can't

I'm either in fight/flight or freeze mode

Other therapies haven't really helped me

It just doesn't feel right to be me

I see life as black/white, either/or

I struggle with balance

I have a tendency to overreact/exaggerate

I often feel like a victim to my own life

I feel powerless in my own life

I am a bit of a control-freak

I have addictions

I have OCD


I am a triplet survivor. When I found out, only as an adult, and started working on the behavioural patterns that had come along with this phenomenon, my whole life changed. I am fascinated by how early life experiences shape us even into adulthood and thus I've dedicated my professional life to this.

I was born in Switzerland but grew up in France, worked and studied in Denmark, France, London and Canada - which allows me to be able to do this work in various languages. I can accomodate to you in Danish, English or French.

I hold a Master of Science in Rehab and work with psychomotor therapy and holistic physiotherapy with the use of osteopathic and craniosacral techniques in my manual sessions. I also offer Skype sessions for those not based in Copenhagen.

I work in close collaboration with Monica Hudson ( - expert in traumatic prenatal imprints and who also trained with the founder of Womb Twin: Althea Hayton (

Contact me and let's go on this journey together!

NOTE: It is not possible to book sessions with me at the moment. You can refer to my mentor Monica Hudson for the time-being. You can read more and find her details on or